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Botanophila seneciella on ragwort

Observed: 23rd July 2012 By: annleah

I have about 8 - 10 large ragwort plants growing in the gravel in my drive [I live in a fairly rural environment]. They are loaded with cinnabar moth caterpillars, which is lovely. However, several days ago there began to appear these shiny, opaque globules about 1mm in size in the middle of the flower heads. Pulling them apart revealed tiny maggots, one / flower head, in the receptacle of the flower. After a few days the flower dies completely. These critters have been identified as the grub of the fly Botanophla seneciella. There are masses of them. My question is: should I remove them? I don't want them destroying my ragwort before my c. caterpillars have had their full nor do I want what will amount to a fly infestation once they hatch!
Thanks for any advice.

  • Botanophla seneciella
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