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Hoverfly (Sphaerophoria)

Observed: 25th July 2012 By: JevoUK
hoverfly (Sphaerophoria)

The size was about 5mm long.

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It's taken me ages to find this page, not sure what I'm supposed to do now.
I've clicked on the "I agree" in the first post because I think it looks like the one I took.

Im not sure if thats what I'm supposed to do.

Thanks to the both of you.

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You can easily find any pictures you have posted by going to 'My Spot', above, and pressing Observations. Beyond that, you don't have to do anything apart from consider any IDs offered...if you agree, great!

It's a female Sphaerophoria and they cannot be identified to species with any certainty, at the moment.


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Thank you, I'm new here and just finding my feet.