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Dead animals found in field

Observed: 27th July 2012 By: Graeme
The Anton River Conservation Association
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Dead animal 27.7.12.Grately

These two dead animals found in horse field in Grateley by a friend. She wanted to know what they were and why they might have been just left there

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Thanks for that.Now that I

Thanks for that.Now that I know what it is you can see the feature. I'm gussing a stoat or weasel got them

Graeme Davis

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Dead rabbits

I agree these are dead rabbit kits. Being in the middle of a field you may think they were hares but baby hares are born with their fur fully developed and their eyes open unlike these.

I think it is more likely they were still born and the mother has left them here. Many animals, including birds, will remove still born young; it prevents the possibility of disease from a decomposing body spreading to the live young or the dead bodies attracting unwelcome attention from predators. At this time of year stoats etc. are looking for all the food they can find to feed their own young so it is doubtful they would waste two juicy bodies like these.

Graham Banwell

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