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Possibly a young Blacked necked Grebe

Observed: 24th April 2010 By: Laurie DauntLaurie Daunt’s reputation in BirdsLaurie Daunt’s reputation in BirdsLaurie Daunt’s reputation in Birds

I Discovered this while uploading old photos on to my PC, Taken in 1985 on a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads, Early summer, bit of a mystery, Apologies for the state of picture but it is old

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Identifing notes

It looks like a Grebe of some sort by its beak but the only grebe that matches the picture is a Young Black necked Grebe

Laurie Daunt

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Did not think of that one, not having a red beak

Laurie Daunt

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Coots have white beaks -

Coots have white beaks - moorhens have red and yellow :-)

The giveaway is the bare shield above the beak, on the forehead.
There is also the fact that the chances of seeing a black-necked grebe on the Broads at that time of year are almost zero.

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You can now the correct date

You can now the correct date of the observation back to 1985 I think.