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Observed: 25th July 2012 By: linda23

is this a species of moth? wondered if this is 2 moths mating? They measured about 2 inches across and were on my garden gate post all day, the top one disappeared a couple of hours before the bottom one (the black post should be vertical not horizontal, not sure why that has happened

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Pair of Poplar Hawk-moths mating

Great observation, well done. Excellent to get a shot of a pair of Poplar Hawk-moths mating, particularly with the female displaying the buff colour variation. Nice shot!

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"...disappeared a couple of hours before the bottom one -"

I'm just waiting for one of the female iSpotters to say something about typical male behaviour ;-)

If you edit this observation, and change the group to "invertebrates" rather than "other organisms", more of the interested people will take note of it.

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Super observation Linda, just

Super observation Linda, just noticing this now. Ive only seen a painting of the buff variation in a book before. Its very impressive.