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Smooth Newt

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Smooth or Palmate?

The general pattern of this one makes it likely to be a Smooth Nwt, but it is difficult to say from a photo unless we can get a look at the uderside, particualrly in the throat area.

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Yes, perhaps I shouldn't have

Yes, perhaps I shouldn't have discounted the possibility that it could be a Palmate Newt. However, I think that's unlikely as I read that Palmate Newts are most commonly found in upland areas, which wouldn't apply here in Norfolk! Also, aren't they supposed to like acidic water? I've used a kit to test the water and it isn't acidic (also, the kinds of pond snails we have here wouldn't like that kind of water). However, I'll be sure to try to get a photo of the throat area next time!

This particular individual moved in almost straight away when a new water feature was created in the garden.

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This is a smooth newt if only because palmate newts are not thought to be found in your area. However, not necessarily for the reasons you suggest, they just appear not to like East Anglia and the Wash area for some reason.

It is not that palmate newts are only found in acid upland areas, its that smooth newts are rarely found in these areas. In most of Britain you can find one or both in your garden ponds regardless of the acidity.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks for your comments,

Thanks for your comments, Graham. I wonder why it is that palmate newts dislike East Anglia and the Wash area?