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Female Blackbird

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This female Blackbird has become very tame and follows me around the garden.

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A male bird became very tame in our garden last year. I spent a pleasant evening on the patio with a book, a beer, and some peanuts - but I had to go and get some bird food, because he was looking so left out of it! (After two beers, the trick is to remember which are the peanuts, and which the bird seeds...)

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Feeding nestlings

At this time of year the commoner garden birds will become very confident - they are feeding nestlings and/or fledglings, some, like male robins, are also feeding their mates.
If you want to feed thrushes (that includes robins), avoid seed and starchy foods - cat and dog foods are not great but far better (if you use a dry one, soak it first).
A neighbour used to feed peanuts all year and the robins nests in the garden always used to have a layer of "pea gravel" in the bottom after the young fledged - peanut fragments.
Thrushes cannot digest starch/carbohydrate.

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Thanks for your replies.

Thanks for your replies. There are quite a few tame birds in my garden and not just because it's the breeding season - I've developed quite a bond with several individuals and fed the blackbird in the photo with some suet pellets from my hand last year. I feed the birds every day with a variety of things including soaked sultanas, seed mixes, sunflower hearts, peanuts, mealworms, suet pellets etc, depending on what time of the year it is.

A female blackbird (not the one in the photo) brought her two babies quite close to me yesterday.