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Blackbird scoffing tadpoles

Observed: 21st April 2010 By: JohnC

We have a wildlife pond 11 by 6 feet and there are plenty of small tadpoles at present. A male blackbird has acquired the habit of standing on plants where the pond is shallow and the tadpoles collect, and eating a fair number of tadpoles. It comes back for more some time later. We have had the pond for 16 years and never had this occurence until now.

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Interesting. I will look out

Interesting. I will look out for this at my pond.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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My father reported something

My father reported something similar a few years back. The tadpoles in the main pond appeared to be succumbing to the fish so he moved them into a shallow pool on the rockery only to have the blackbirds take them instead.

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Blackbirds fishing

We have one or two that do this in our garden pond.