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Spider - guess what happens next

Observed: 25th July 2012 By: ArdeaArdea’s reputation in InvertebratesArdea’s reputation in InvertebratesArdea’s reputation in InvertebratesArdea’s reputation in Invertebrates

I caught a Priocnemis with it's prey, can somebody ID the spider for me?

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Thanks Alan, I didnt expect

Thanks Alan, I didnt expect a species level ID as it looked like a female. No, the spider was well out of it. The spider hunter checked out around 10-15 burrows of Tormentil Minig Bee. Always a very quick dash, 'back to check' yep the spider was still there or may be to check size perhaps. Eventually she flipped it onto it's back and dragged it down one of the burrows. Then the bee came back wnet down the hole and clearly got the fright of its life, shooting out the hole at quite a rate. Then it was her turn to sneek up to her burrow check it out, then run away. I've never seen a hunt from the actual catch all the way through it was fantastic.

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Good sighting

I've seen them dragging their prey (always wolf spiders) along the ground occasionally but have never seen the actual hunt.