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Hooded Merganser male

Observed: 3rd January 2009 By: VinnyVinny’s reputation in BirdsVinny’s reputation in BirdsVinny’s reputation in Birds
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Hooded Merganser IMG_0893.jpg

North American species - this poor individual had ended up in Dorset! It can raise it's crest up and down which alters it appearance quite dramatically.

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The bird will near certainly be an escape from captivity, or the off-spring from some, not a misplaced migrant. They are reasonably common in waterfowl collections and commonly bred there.

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I think Hooded Merganser is now regarded by the British Ornithologists Union as a category A bird i.e. "recorded in an apparently natural state at least once since 1 January 1950." (

But as far as I know this specific bird is regarded as being an escape and not a genuine vagrant.

David Howdon