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IMG_1251is New Zealand Flax ???

Observed: 24th July 2012 By: spacemousesspacemouses’s reputation in Plants

This plant stands a good 6 feet high (about 2 meters for you young ones!). These pics are in connection with some 'orange headed' starling pics I posted a few days ago in 'Birds'. As you can see it is growing in someones 'garden'.I think not the sort of plant that would do very well in the wild around here. Certainly a plant that would be noticed on the moor, as it would be the tallest thing about.

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Yes I think that's it.

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new zealand flax

This flower is bird pollinated - if you open a fresh flower there is masses of weak nectar - there's an article that might be of interest

On the Isles of Scilly a number of birds get a liberal dusting of pollen

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Now I know what it is- I see

Now I know what it is- I see in all over the place! Lots of 'gardens' have it growing. The council in Stornoway seem very fond of it, as it's in all their 'flower beds'! Not seen any away from houses yet.