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Observed: 23rd June 2012 By: angelatopazangelatopaz’s reputation in Mammalsangelatopaz’s reputation in Mammals
who's footprints?
foot print

I found these prints in mud near what could be a badger set or an otter holt. The burrow it's self didn't look like a set, because there appeared to be only one enterance. Although I do know there is a badger set about half a mile away.

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Badgers often have stops away

Badgers often have stops away from the main sett where they can rest up so a single hole doesn't preclude badger

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The prints clearly show five toes, an otter print would show four. They are so deep that an otter print is most likely to show webbing between the toes. Also the overall shape of the print, much broader than long is distinctive of badger.

The hole is hard to tell as there is no scale. Presuming it is large it is most probably a satellite badger set, a bachelor pad if you like. These are temporary sets and are usually small with only one entrance. It is highly unlikely to be otter as they tend to dig there holt entrances closer to water and hidden under overhanging roots or banks, never so obvious.

If you add an observation for badger alone I'll agree to it.

Graham Banwell

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Thankyou, I am never that good when it comes to identifying mammal foot prints. There does seem to be a lot of badgers in that area. I found a huge set last weekend about 2 miles from there.