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Worn out

Observed: 23rd July 2012 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in Birds
Worn out
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This is the third brood this pair have had and I think it is beginning to show,no shortage of food for them.I have noticed that they come to the bird and eat the seed plus they are consuming lot's of blackcurrants and raspberries too from the fruit patch.

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The pickings are clearly good -

for the Blackbirds around Chateau Fenwickfield! I have stopped putting food out (for the summer at least: dire economic straits may mean for longer), and I'm convinced one of them gives me a contemptuous stare whenever I venture into the garden.

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The seed is a basic mix £15 for 20kg and the fruit I grow for Jam and wine so don't mind them having some but I know what you mean I think they will have to do with the basic for some time.I have a blue tit that pecks at the window and looks in as if to say excuse me the feeders are a bit low.


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that's interesting I have been watching her and admire there dedication from dawn to dusk feeding the first two broods were four chicks then five but this next batch are still in the nest so I will see how many there are when fledged.