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Observed: 23rd July 2012 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in Birds
Goldfinch (2)
Goldfinch (4)
Goldfinch (5)

Lot's about feeding on seeds wild and from the feeders,lot's of young too

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Nice images Sheila, you need to keep these to remind you what it's like when the sun shines.

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Deep red clearly demarcated around the beak, with red stretching back well behind and above the eye...should be a male.


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I thought it looked lovely against the blue sky as you say it has been in short supply and the forecast is not that good
Also thanks ophrys for explaining the markings as I was not sure of what the difference was between male and female I tried to get it from different angles.



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For the past 4-5 years we have had charms of 20+ of this magnificent bird on a daily basis. THis year down r=to single figures...at best

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Mine are ...

... down too. I have two pairs that regularly use (squabble over) the garden feeders and in the past two years they have both managed three broods. This year sadly one pair have had a single brood with one resultant fledgling, the other pair have had only a little more luck and produced two fledglings from a single brood (though this was later and I’m inclined to think this may be the second attempt with a total loss on the first).

There is still time to squeeze in another attempt though if they are so inclined, I keep my fingers crossed.



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I may have lot's of Goldfinches because of the area there is woodland but lots of grassland which is poor boggy and has thousands of spear and creeping thistles,nettles and large swathes of wild teasel too, the land is used to graze sheep and cattle.I have around 30 birds around at the moment but this can expand to over 70 in the winter.