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Observed: 12th July 2012 By: mauricemaurice’s reputation in Mammals
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see photo this little chap has beeb visiting our bird table for the past couple of weeks

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I think this young individual

I think this young individual is either an escaped pet or because some misguided person is trying to reintroduce them into your area. It happens, I’ve seen an adult red squire where I work in the flat fenland near King’s Lynn and no way was that wild.

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Unauthorised reintroductions

As nice as it might be to see a red squirrel it is cruel and immoral to release them into the wild without a full ecological study and a fully thought out reintroduction programme. The odd one or even a pair is not going to survive, certainly not until an area has been cleared of grey squirrels - all the person is doing is signing the poor animal's death warrant.

Graham Banwell

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