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Newts found in Garden

Observed: 22nd July 2012 By: wcg2004
Newt 1
Newt 2 and cluster of eggs

Whilst tidying up garden I saw something move near the edge of our pond, I moved a rock to find 2 newts living under it where the soil is wet. The smaller of the 2 newts was just lying next to a cluster of about 20 white eggs. I don't know anything about newts so I don't know if they were newt eggs or if they lay their eggs under water. Would like to know how they got there in the first place. The pond has never had any fish in it, just a few water beetles that appeared a few years ago. Just behind the pond we have let it get overgrown with weeds & ferns hoping that one day it will attract more wildlife to the pond.

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