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Not sure, but this looks like a gall to me...

This looks like a Robin's Pincushion Gall (Diplolepsis Rosae) which I found quite by accident in a guide book this evening.

Apparently it is common in Britain and Ireland, found on Dog Rose, and is caused by a small (4-5mm) black wasp. If it is this, expect it to go brown in winter and for there to be up to 60 larvae inside it!!

Source: "RSPB Handbook of Garden Wildlife", Holden, P. and Abbot, G. (2011), p. 117.

Hope that's a help. :)

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Yes I have another picture of

Yes I have another picture of a brown one I found in early spring, so I now know what's going on in it! Thanks very much.

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Not just Diplolepsis

Experts say that you can find around a dozen other species in a mature gall, either using it for shelter, or parasitising/predating on the rest.

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Edit please

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