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Indian Balsam

Observed: 21st July 2012 By: nmw73
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Indian Balsam
Indian Balsam

Lilac purple 2.5-3cm long flowerhead, quite widespread throughout the woodland shade. Plants about 1-1.5m tall.
I really don't know what this plant is. I cannot find it in any of the identification guides I've got.

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Impatiens glandulifera

An introduced species that is 'a noxious species',colonising habitats to the detriment of native flora.Native to the Himalayas.

David J Trevan

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Thank you very much David.

Thank you very much David. Yes, I have now found Indian Balsamn in my guides (under pink flowers!). I've now read it is a riverbank plant, and I did indeed find it in the environs of the River Lostock, where it is flourishing! I guess there may be some volunteering work to be done, removing it. It's a shame though that this plant, and its Himalayan friend the rhodedendron, are so invasive because they do have very pretty flowers. :)

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Pretty flowers, yes -

but not so nice as (f'rinstance) gypsywort, which is one of the native species it displaces so aggressively.
If you do try to remove a single plant or colony, don't leave it on the round, as it will re-root. Once a seed-bank has been established, you're looking at several years of hard labour trying to eradicate it. Trust me on this...

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Sounds horrendous!!

Sounds horrendous!!