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Treecreeper at last!

Observed: 22nd April 2010 By: SomersetWandererSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in Birds

Since I started birdwatching a couple of years ago, Treecreeper has eluded me - until tonight. Went to Withey Beds near dusk in the hope of seeing Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers - no luck with those but was delighted to see this bird!

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Congratulations! a lovely little bird.


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Thanks for your comments .............

.... my family are equally pleased - no longer will they have to hear my complaints about the apparent shyness of Treecreepers in my neighbourhood! Once I'd spotted this one I was able to watch it for ages as it made its' way up the trunk then flew down to an adjacent branch and started going up again and so on.

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Seeing a species for the first time

Its always great seeing a species for the first time. Bet you will see them all the time now! Once you get your eye in they are not as difficult to spot, and now you also know a good location for them.
Bet your family are pleased, but I bet you will start trying to add something else new to your list, now that you can tick off Treecreeper.


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I think we all suffer a

I think we all suffer a little bit from this. It took me 4 years to finally spot a kingfisher and now i'm tripping over them whenever I'm out. Osprey next with a bit of luck!

Just go out there and do it!!!