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Observed: 21st July 2012 By: SheilaW

Seen around front door entrance. Doesn't seem like a common garden snail-unless it's just a very young one?

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Please move to invertebrates

Please move to invertebrates

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don't think this is Discus rotundatus as not enough whorls, Hygromia cinctella is plausible, but few records in north, do you have any better pictures? E.g. in profile

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Yes it would be great to see

Yes it would be great to see a photo showing the keel in profile if you spot this again!

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please move to invertebrates group

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I'm not certain that the keel, if apparent, would help here.
The missing link is the fine ribbing seen on mine here
It would be nice to ID this but I cannot.
As far as north is concerned David, whilst under-recorded here (in Orkney), it seems widespread - I have it in my garden along with Strawberry, Hair, Cellar and Chrysalis.
I think the key is spotting them!