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IMG_1199is Starling- orange patch

Observed: 21st July 2012 By: spacemousesspacemouses’s reputation in Birdsspacemouses’s reputation in Birds

How common is it to have young Starlings with orange on head? Only noticed today. There are about 6 young ones and three have this colouring. This is the brightest one. I am certain they are Starlings!

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It would be interesting to know if you have this plant in the Western Isles.

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wing feathers

It seems to have a orange tinge to the tip's of the primary wing feathers too,how amazing might be worth posting your sighting to the British Trust for Ornithology


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I can't see any orange tips to the wing feathers, though the newly moulted, glossy feathers have the buff tips of the new adult feathers. That may be what you are seeing?

Really interesting sighting!


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wishful thinking

Your right ophrys the tips are buff after a second look, maybe I was willing them to be orange so we could have a new species.


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I haven't noticed the plant.

I haven't noticed the plant. But it is possible that someone has in growing in the village. Will have a look out for it. I have no objections to your passing these pics onto any other organization that might be interested.

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Have posted pics in 'plant'

Have posted pics in 'plant' section that I think is New Zealand Flax.