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Field Pansy

Observed: 18th July 2009 By: bobthebirderbobthebirder’s reputation in Plantsbobthebirder’s reputation in Plantsbobthebirder’s reputation in Plantsbobthebirder’s reputation in Plants
field pansy

One of the UK's most beautiful little flowers. If anyones's interested, I might do a day course on cornfield weeds next summer. Contact

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one more

Such a nice and easy flower, yet only one aggreement after all these years.
Oh and now I see someone JUST else did that happen?

martinjohnbishop's picture

By looking at the top

of the unread list?

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That's not quite clear.
Are you saying it was just co-incidence?
After nearly four years of quiet contemplation, it has attracted three agreements in a day? How does that happen?
Oh I see one is now you - that accounts for one. But as I was writing my comment, someone else agreed.
Surely this posting wasn't on the Unread list?

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Unread list

I was the phantom agree-er! The post had appeared at the top of the unread list, which I find is the best way to go through the observations.

dejayM's picture


You were indeed.
I am still mystified (a little) as to why, after all those years, as I began to comment (I was simply trawling history), it appeared on your list.
Romantic eh?

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It is a feature of the System

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