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Blue Damsel Fly

Observed: 20th July 2012 By: donmcleandonmclean’s reputation in Invertebrates
Blue Damsel Fly
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ID comment

Image 2 is a male Common Blue Damselfly; however those in image 1 are a different species.

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I'm glad someone else thought

I'm glad someone else thought that. First image looks like Ischnura elegans to me.

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Blue-tailed Damselflies.

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Observation needs editing.

The photo of the mating pair of Blue-tailed Damselflies (Ischnura elegans) needs to be removed and reposted as a separate observation.

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Thanks for that. What identifies this as the Blue-tailed variety? Is it the lack of blue between the upper body and the tip of the tail?

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ID features.

The colour of the abdomen which is largely black above and yellow below (on the male) is one feature - the exact patterns of the markings are important for the ID of damselflies. Other difference include narrower blue stripes on top of the thorax, and 'black and white' pterostigmas (the dark spot near the tip of each wing) - these are typically squarer, and a solid black colour on Common Blue Damselflies.

The colours and patterns of the female in the pair also match would would be expected for a female Blue-tailed (of the form rufescens-obsoleta), female Common Blue Damselflies have more obvious dark markings on the upperside of the abdomen.

(The shot of a single male shows a typical Common Blue Damselfly).