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IMG_1137is Earwigs

Observed: 20th July 2012 By: spacemouses

Probably all 'Common'. Typically- I only found these 3 today when I when to look for a selection! Normally I am crawling with them when I go to peatstack! Though the fist two have 'different horns', (in my opinion). These 3 are quite big also. I will pay more attention to them in future. Ruler = mm

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hi i think that the first two

i think that the first two have a different coloured head

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Thanks for these additional photos (this follows on from discussion at ).

These are too big to be Lesser Earwig, and I think they must be female Common Earwigs, although if so the shape of the forceps varies more than I had realised.

Which means that your other observation is probably Common Earwig as well, but I've forwarded both the links to the recording scheme and await their verdict.

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I will certainly keep an eye

I will certainly keep an eye on earwigs for a while, just in case. I don't really like them. They get into everything in the house too. Amazes me how they get into containers with good fitting lids! Will post more pics if I think something is different.