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Nemertesia antennina

Observed: 27th February 2012 By: nc5339
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27022012 What IS this stuff. tall spikes from mat. Newgate Gap. Margate
27022012 Is THIS a trunkated version of the same. Newgate Gap, Margate.

I have No idea what these are, I thought the short spiked version might be some sort of 'sea potato' but then I spotted the tall spike ones in a rock pool. Please help to enlighten me?

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If Sarah is right -

and I think she could be - try changing this to the "Invertebrates" category, where those interested are more likely to see it.

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thanks, I've changed the

thanks, I've changed the category, Now what type of 'invertebrate'?
this is a pretty common spot around here. I'd be delighted to know what I was looking at. :)

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Hydroids are really odd -

and fascinating creatures. Look up the genus Hydra (Wikipedia is a good starting point) for some of the key features of this remarkable group.

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Sea Beard

Thanks for the search tips Sara & Amadan. I looked it up on various sites and found the MARLIN one the most helpful. It is common around the British Isles, and also found off Thanet shores.
Learning all the time ... :)

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MARLIN website

Yes, I like the Marlin website too. Seasearch have a new book out called Bryozoans and Hydroids which I found fascinating

Sarah West
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Thanks Sarah, I'll look it

Thanks Sarah, I'll look it up. :-)