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17062012 Egg or embryo cases, but of what. Don't look like whelk eggs

Observed: 17th June 2012 By: nc5339
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17062012 Egg or embryo cases, but of what. Don't look like whelk eggs
17062012 More egg cases, look like rabbit droppings!

these look like rabbit droppings, but I suspect they are maybe whelk embryo cases, though usually the ones I see hereabouts are either yellow or already hatched pale yellow/white. Any ideas?

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Hi - think these are cuttlefish eggs - Graham

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I agree, but havent checked

I agree, but havent checked the size

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How unfortunate that so few have aggreed to this ID.
I think it is brought about by you not placing this in Marine (as opposed to Coastal).
It is a difficult thing because we are asked, eroneously I believe, to place this in the Habitat found. So a washed-in shark in the garden or a bird-dropped herring in the street would not get properly attributed - You'll know what I mean!
I would always recommend that marine organisms be placed in Marine, or AT LEAST with the addition of the Descriptive tag Marine. Many of us watch here and not here