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Is it Herb Robert?

Observed: 19th July 2012 By: Lucy CorranderLucy Corrander’s reputation in PlantsLucy Corrander’s reputation in PlantsLucy Corrander’s reputation in Plants
                               Is This Herb Robert?

Five petals, pale purple, slightly stripey. Growing in shade under blackberry hedge. Though it might be herb robert but the leaves don't look long enough.

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ID comment

You are correct but please add that scientific name. Just press "get recommended" when adding an ID common name.

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Latin Name

Nothing seems to come up when I click 'recommended' for this. However, I wasn't certain it is Herb Robert (because of the leaves) so Latin name didn't seem appropriate at that point. (Though I've put it in now.) Do you know what kind of Herb Robert it is?

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It's Just Herb-robert. It's always worth putting in the Latin name because if you don't someone else will and then you'll loose any credit for your observation.

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Common Name

I'm afraid I can't help with any sub-species or hybrid identification but the reason you didn't get the Scientific Name when using the 'Get recommended' button is because iSpot includes a hyphen in the Common Name, i.e. 'Herb-Robert'.

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I have just tried it, if you type Herb Robert and drop down appears and just select Herb-robert and then press "get recommended".