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Yellow pimpernel

Observed: 17th July 2012 By: ryn247
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Yellow pimpernel

As part of my field study looking at woodland I wanted to know whether this could possibly be a Yellow Pimpernel (sorry about the quality of the photo). The flower was yellow, with five petals. The leaves were pale green, rounded and ended in a point

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or Hypericum x inodorum

Hypericum x inodorum occurs as a garden escape at an appreciable frequency, and is not all that easy to distinguish. However, as the observation is from the native range of Hypericum androsaemum this would be a more likely identification. (Up here the two taxa occur at similar rates.)

Per Stace, in Hypericum androsaemum the petals are shorter than or about as long as the sepals, the stamens about the same length of the petals, and the styles less than 5mm long, while in Hypericum x inodorum the petals are longer than the sepals, the stamens slightly longer than the petals, and the styles more than 5mm long.