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Hawker Dragonfly

Observed: 1st July 2012 By: GarylGaryl’s reputation in InvertebratesGaryl’s reputation in InvertebratesGaryl’s reputation in Invertebrates
Hawker Dragonfly
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ID comment

I think you mean the Southern Hawker, although you have the scientific name correct the Southern Migrant Hawker is a very very rare migrant to these shores.

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Aeshna cyanea

Immature male. Note the undivided abdominal stripes on S9 and S10

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It's a female, the male has a pinched abdomen at segment 3.

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Female Southern Hawker

Big Jim: Based on the identification note that you have given, I am sure that you did mean A. cyanea and just entered the wrong English name - if you enter a revised ID with the English name corrected you will get agreements.

Like Chris has said, this is a female. Other pointers that help to identify the sex of Aeshna species are the shape of the base of the hind wings (rounded on females), and the number of anal appendages (two on females, three on males).

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Chris, just spotted my

Chris, just spotted my mistake. Problems with pick lists etc and sleeping on hospital floor for last week. Just tried to edit it but my brain is a tad fried at the mo.

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Editing identifications.

Once posted identifications cannot be edited - so even if your brain wasn't fried you would have had problems!

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Thanks to all for the comments string. I'm learning a lot!