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Observed: 17th July 2012 By: ryn247
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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As part of my field study looking at woodland I wanted to know whether this could possibly be a Common or small-leaved Lime. The leaves were heart-shaped but too high to get a measurement and no obvious fit ones on the ground, the leaves did seem hairless. Unfortunately the trunk was too covered in ivy to study much of the bark.

    Likely ID
    Small-leaved or Common Lime (Tilia cordata or Tilia x europaeda)
    Confidence: It might be this.
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Common Lime

This is most likely a Common Lime, but you would need to check the undersides of the leaves to be certain.

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Thanks again for your help.

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how to identify limes

I wrote up some notes on identication of limes a few years back. See http://www.malvaceae.info/Genera/Tilia/Britain.html

From the photo, I couldn't even say that it (the tree at the right) was a lime, but assuming that it is, extensive suckering and burring is a (not quite conclusive) marker for common lime.

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I cant see any lime leaves in

I cant see any lime leaves in the picture at all

Tim Rich