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User observations

I apologise if this is already available and i am simply not using the system properly!

Working in an LRC we have many volunteers and naturalists who now use iSpot and are affiliated with us, we would like to be able to support their use of iSpot through helping with or agreeing with identifications.

Though i know you can search user-names to bring up content and identifications this often leaves out spots where they have not made an identification and those where someone else has made it for them so making it difficult for us to find their posts. Would you be able to alter filters to allow all observations (regardless of identification) to be brought up when a user-name is searched for, and displayed in a similar way to as is already done under the "My Spot" -> "Observations" tab?

While i am at it my second feature would be being able to have a list of users who are badged as MBB naturalists, just a page with a list of user-names would suffice.




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i am a fool

The above user observations can be done by searching the user then clicking on the user tab then on the track tab (as opposed to going straight to content or identifications...

badge thing still stands.... for now!