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not yarrow

Yarrow has an umbelliform capitulescence, in which the capitula have (around) 5 ray florets surrounding a group of disc florets.

This plant has an umbel, in which the flowers have 5 bifid petals surrounding an ovary with two styles. I'm leaning towards a depauperate Heracleum sphondylium (hogweed) - hogweed has a flat umbel without gaps between the rays (subumbels), and often has a pinkish tinge.

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You may well be right.....

I"m no expert when it comes to plants ,my suggestion is based on the flowers similarity to yarrow I see every day on the roadside in a similar habitat.


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Thank You for all the IDs/comments. Yes it is definitely an umbellifer, it just did not seem to quite fit any I am familiar with. It may be because it is growing out of a small crack in limestone that its form is not typical.