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Observation headers and "traffic lights"

Now that the new site is up an running, I'd like to suggest a couple of enhancements.

"Traffic Lights" or Confidence Levels. When an observation gets an ID it is assigned a confidence level. However, this line of text is somewhat lost in the overall "likely ID box" and may not be noticed. In many cases the ID is not definate, but there is a possibility that novice I-Spotters may not actually spot this and assume all IDs are 100%. Given that the "likely ID" can change if the obervation gets a revision, I would like to suggest a "Traffic Light" indicator system to go with the confidence levels so that these are highlighted more. I'm thinking of a little icon against the Likely ID or confidence level, eg Green = "I'm as sure as I can be", Yellow = "It's likely to be this" and Red for "It might be this", so that it is more obvious what sort of level if ID it is.

Observations. Change the Observation sysyem so that all new observations must have an Identification attached to them, even if it is only a "It might be this" level - may help regarding the low level ID comment I posted earlier

Observation Title - attach the "likely ID" to this so it is more apparrent what the observation is - eg "Orange and White Ladybird - Orange Ladybird Halyzia 16-guttata