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Dragonfly I.D?

Observed: 17th July 2012 By: JamesCommonJamesCommon’s reputation in InvertebratesJamesCommon’s reputation in InvertebratesJamesCommon’s reputation in Invertebrates
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The side panels of the thorax and the pattern on the side of S1&2 seem to point to Southern Hawker, to me that is.

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Southern Hawker

Other images of this species seem to show black markings on the wing tips. My specimen has yellow?

Don't know if this helps but worth saying.


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The colouring is because it's a teneral specimen (recently emerged), as indicated by its very glossy wings. Its final colours are yet to form properly, including the pterostigma (those leading-edge wing spots) which can start life almost colourless. Similarly, the body colours are not as they will end up but look a sort of uniform, washed out greeny-yellow..

There are two other indicators that point to Southern: compare the size of the light antehumeral stripes (right behind the head on the "shoulders") with those of a Common Hawker (noticeably narrower) and note that "golf-tee" shape on top of S2 (abdominal segment 2) between the hind-wings in picture #1.