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Fly sp.

Observed: 17th July 2012 By: Stephen PlummerStephen Plummer’s reputation in InvertebratesStephen Plummer’s reputation in Invertebrates
Fly sp.
Fly sp.2

Is this a muscid of some species?

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Thanks so much for your help.

Thanks so much for your help. I've been doing a search on this and it looks like it is more likely to be Graphomya maculata as against G. picta. The abdomen shape seems to be right for this species, but I shall certainly look closer in the future. Just to know that it's Graphomya is a great help! Thanks again.

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picta now called G. minor. The difference between the two depends on an anterodorsal bristle on the mid tibia. The following link explains...


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That's really helpful....I've

That's really helpful....I've made up a ppt series with photos and info to try to help me in the future! Thanks