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Common Marbled Carpet

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The best identification feature for this one is on the underside of the wings which are not shown here. How did you make the determination?

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Hi David and David, This one

Hi David and David,

This one intrigued me when I trapped it in a box in the headlights. At first glance I wasnt familiar with it at all, it was flying in the tub and then resting with the wings held up and closd concealing the upper surface- didnt know it was a marbled carpet. Ive had quite a few Commons before but not in that place.

What struck me about it was the dark markings on the underside of the forewing when at rest and the really conspicuous white patches on the upperside when moving its wings.Unfortunately the brightness of these upper surface patches and indeed the contrasting dark central bar have been diminished by the flash. Tried to get a truer image yesterday after work by releasing the moth in daylight- these geometrids often escape when the tub is opened. Alas the moth flew up and rested on the side of the house way out of reach.

I wasnt aware of the underside marking thing until I opened Waring Townsend and Lewington the night I caught this one. My Id was based on the strength of the markings on the underside (which I really regret not photographing) and the similarity of the moth with the 4th from the left illustration of DMC on page 213 of WTL 2009, the 4th in the row of 6 given. Its the only with the really white dash close to the point of the wing. None of the 4 Common MC depicted in the row below DMC have this white dash strongly contrasting against the really dark central band, which my moth had but the flash has destryed its dark colour. The shape of the trailing edge of that dark band where it meets the white dash on my moth is identical also in the illustration, its steep incline.

David to answer your question re the underside, my moth mirrored the underside illustration of DMC in the book. I feel it is DMC, the question for me at this stage is, does CMC ever have the conspicuous white dash behind the broad dark bar in the exact same orientation as the image of DMC on the book which Ive refered to above?



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Having said all of the above,

Having said all of the above, I could be completely wrong, it wouldnt be the first time!


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Ive been meaning to remove

Ive been meaning to remove the above litany for some time but I cant edit it,- basically because I think I was completely wrong in thinking this was a DMC.

Its a dark CMC plain and simple, the patterning on the upperside alone is much more like the illustrations of CMC in WTL.

Not the first time Ive wanted a moth to be something it isnt, thanks for a more experienced and logical diagnosis David and David!