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Unknown plant, any ideas please

Observed: 15th July 2012 By: Penfolds_PT
Unknown Plant - Flowers
Unknown PLant - Stems

Around 7 feet tall, hollow green coloured bamboo like stem, green leaves with fuschia like flower. Leaves are approx 3" long.
The stems come from one main tree like stump (see second photo), unlike bamboo.

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Species with which Himalayan Honeysuckle/Pheasantberry (Leycesteria formosa) interacts


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AKA Flowerinng Nutmeg

I found this once in a Garden Spoil heap and it took me 10 mins to recall the name which I vaguely remember had a Nut in it AKA Flowering Nutmeg !!!!!


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AKA pheasant berry

Birds supposedly like the fruit. Readily self-seeds

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Leycesteria formosa

Very common as a bird sown plant on the Undercliff of the Isle of Wight,also occurs as a garden escape.The green stems in winter are a very attractive feature of this plant, which is a nice ornamental shrub anyway, perhaps rather underrated as it is so easy to grow!

David J Trevan