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Oak DSCF2474

Observed: 10th July 2012 By: kw6947
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Oak DSCF2474
Oak Holly DSCF2477
Oak DSCF2486

This large oak is on the sloping bank of one of the streams running down the hill. Its girth measured 3.630metres at 800mm high on the upper side of the sloping bank. It is surrounded by a thicket of holly and it has 3 holly trees, Ilex aquifolium, growing out of its base. These measured, from left to right on photo dscf2477, H3 470mm at 1.5metres high/ 520mm at 1metres high, H2 530mm at 1.5metres, H1 500mm at 800mm high/260mm at 1.5metres high. There is some vandalism and burning on these trees.The photos shows the cable I used to measure the tree the walking pole is 1.250metres high to give some idea of scale.

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