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Flowering weed

Observed: 15th July 2012 By: coloursofmemorycoloursofmemory’s reputation in Plantscoloursofmemory’s reputation in Plantscoloursofmemory’s reputation in Plants

Stiff stemmed, erect plant. Has self seeded aggressively! Doesn't seem to have any virtues, though I'm happy to be corrected...

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Wood Avens AKA Herb Bennet

Fruit Veination , and 3 part leaf structure all point to this


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no such thing

There is no such thing as a weed just a plant in the wrong place for us humans,every plant has a purpose learn to love them.If you had lived in the 15th century you would have carried a root around with you to stop powerful charms against evil spirits plus hung some over your door,the root was also ground down and used as a fly repellent plus flavouring ale

Another snippet of useless but I think interesting information