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Reed Warbler

Observed: 14th July 2012 By: jm2963
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Reed Warbler 1
Reed Warbler 2

Short flights from near reed beds, moving deep within reeds.

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In the first picture, you can see a large amount of wear on the tips of the tertials and flight feathers. That amount of wear is a sign of an adult. Adults have had those feathers since they last moulted, at some time over the late autumn/winter. They have migrated north and then nested with them and so they have become heavily worn. A juvenile, at this time of year, would have perfect flight feathers with no wear at all.


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Many thanks for comment...

Many thanks for comment, that's really interesting. It was very noticeable when looking with my binoculars and I was trying to think of the reason for these feathers. I've just added another image showing these feathers in more detail.

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Great photos, nice detail :o)

Great photos, nice detail :o)