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_MG_2548 waxcaps

Observed: 15th July 2012 By: miked
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Just after asking where the fungi were http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/278950
found loads of them in this old quarry, many hundreds packed together so you could not avoid treading on them in places.


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same thought

I too have noticed the lack of fungi and it has never stopped raining here in Northumberland.I have been out a few times for up to 4 hours and found only two types one a slime mould and the other a waxcap and that's it,I hope we have a good Autumn.Do you have any idea what your waxcap is or more information about it for an identification.


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Its in the same area as one i

Its in the same area as one i have put on in previous years. An old chalk quarry absolutely packed with orchids, I think last years count was 20,000 fragrant orchids and this year there looks to be considerably more and a similar number of common spotted and loads of some other species.
What extra info is needed for your waxcap key?

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Here is the link to my

Here is the link to my earlier observation of the waxcaps at this side:
They were obviously up a bit later that year.

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I have just looked at the previous observation and agree with your identification,need to put mine on but not sure what it is yet.