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Redstart chicks big day

Observed: 15th July 2012 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in BirdsFenwickfield’s reputation in Birds
Redstart chick 1
Redstart chick 2
Redstart chick 3
redstart chick 4
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Redstart chicks

They have all come out today I have been watching the female for weeks as she nested in the stone wall in my veg garden the wall is 12ft next to raspberry canes.I was so excited when I saw them about an hour ago all emerging I think there are 5 sorry so many photos but I took about 40 and could not choose.

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What a great day and a fantastic thing to witness...you are very lucky!


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Good stuff :) It's great to

Good stuff :)
It's great to see a brood of Redstarts fledged, especially after the Summer we've had so far. You must be really chuffed.

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feel so pleased

I know it sounds daft but I was so excited when I saw them out I am having to stop myself going back out as I don't want to scare them any more than I have with the photographing as I was so close I could have touched them.There is only the female about feeding them she is removing all the Gooseberry sawfly of the fruit bushes I think this is a good reason for folks not to use chemicals as she has a good supply of food for them.I think she picked the perfect spot for her nest in the wall as it is safe and dry.I am pleased you both like the pictures and I have not over done it with the amount.



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Simply -

A superb set of photos: I can well understand your excitement.

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They're lovely, and the

They're lovely, and the pictures show the colour in the tail so well.

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Lovely stuff

Brilliant photos, thanks for sharing - it's not daft at all to be excited about seeing the redstart chicks first foray into the wider world, I would love to have seen this!

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Well done, Sheila

Who's a lucky girl then? I've never got so close to a redstart. Don't worry about the number of pictures, I'm sure everyone's enjoyed them as much as I did.

Regards, tinged with jealousy ;-)

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What camera and lens did you use?

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Thanks Simon

The camera I use is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8 on the first couple I was on normal focus but I was so close I had to change to macro for the ones on the wall and on the raspberry straining wire as I was so close.I am not that good on cameras the lens says 12X optical zoom if that help's.I have nipped out into the veg garden this morning and there all still there but have banned myself from taking any more shot's.I was so pleased I have seen them fledge and I was so amazed that they had nested in the first place.If they come back next year I will do Redstart holiday's or maybe set my wildlife camera up so everyone can have daily video updates.



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Just goes to show, you don't have to spend thousands of quid on DSLRs and supertelephoto lenses, especially if the subject is quite close. I started off with a Panasonic FZ38, and I was quite pleased with it; in fact I've still got it. It's a bridge camera, with an 18x optical zoom, and you can get 1.7x extenders and macro attachments for it too. It's a bit out of date now though.
After that I went down the DSLR/big lens route, and I sometimes find situations where it's too much, especially when the subject's close - I can't fit it into the frame without changing lenses! Probably be no good for your redstarts. There have been times when I've had to get further away from things rather than closer...
And it's really heavy.
Ah well, all good exercise I suppose.

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good and bad

You get excellent pictures of birds at a distance as seen with your observations posted were as I don't the ones I do get at a distance are taken by my other half who has a Nikon with all the gadgets,which is probably like yours very heavy carrying all the kit,he took the ones of the Swallows and Buzzard flying But all the rest are mainly close ups and some full zoom in's with my camera which goes in my pocket and is idiot proof.I got mine mainly for photographing fungi but then became obsessed with birds but I am happy with what I manage to get. It would be good to have both but I will stick with the one I have.



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You're Very Wise...

I've managed to develope tennis elbow by trying to hand hold mine, and it's no fun! Getting better nnow, I'm glad to say. :-)