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ID please

Observed: 6th July 2012 By: stroodsue
he was shooting his web out the back into the air
crouching down spinning web
stood about half an inch tall like this and about an inch across
strange wee fella, soon after this he shot out his web and climbed right up out into the unknown!

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Ballooning male spider

Can't place the species, although from your size estimates it is quite a large one. Obviously an adult male (boxing-gloves on palps), and tip-toe stance indicates he is trying to take off for pastures new.
Now I've looked at your comments, it seems you already knew this! However, the silk is not "shot out", it is attached to the substrate (pic 2), then the spider dashes about and breaks the thread which floats aloft; more silk is released until it has enough bouyancy to lift the spider.