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Banded snail

Observed: 12th July 2009 By: Nigel GibsonNigel Gibson’s reputation in InvertebratesNigel Gibson’s reputation in Invertebrates

Saw this guy walking along a path shortly after a rain shower

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I'm not a snail expert, but I

I'm not a snail expert, but I think this might be something else, not Cepaea nemoralis. The shell looks a bit too flat. The lip of the shell has not hardened yet, but when it does C. nemoralis has a dark brown lip.

If you see a snail like this again, turn it over to look for the presence of a hole in the centre of the spiral (an 'umbo'). If the shell has an umbo, its not Cepaea.

There is an ID guide for Cepaea at

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