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Unusual spider

Observed: 17th April 2010 By: katemate1

Found this little guy in my back garden, only 1cm big any ideas what species of spider it is?

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not sure

Sorry, I'm not great at spiders, and I can't see enough detail on this one to have a go at identifying it. If you can get any more photos showing more of the markings that might help.

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This is a description of him:

This is a description of him: Front legs longer than back, looks a bit crab-like. Occasionally walked sideways. Thorax dark brown/black with reddish stripe down the middle. Brown abdomen with black specs. It also has quite big feelers, can't see how many eyes he has. Legs are light brown in colour with darker segment nearer the body. Its quite small, body approx 5mm by 2.5mm. Size in total 8mm- 10mm.

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A male crab spider. A body

A male crab spider. A body length of 5mm (use this for spiders!) indicates a Xysticus sp. X. cristatus is by far the most common, but only one of several.