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Male Sparrowhawk?

Observed: 18th February 2011 By: ar8922
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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I'm confident this is a Sparrowhawk and I think it's probably a male. I know they're not uncommon in urban environments but this is only the 3rd I've spotted around our rooftops in about 6 years.

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Nice Obs

Nice photos of the sparrowhawk and indeed the lichens, almost worth creating an observation of those in their own right.



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Thanks Ray

Funnily enough, the lichens on this particular chimney stack did form part of my initial study for the OU Neighbourhoood Nature course, which I suspect you might also have taken.

Some of the chimneys on the local Victorian terraced houses have significantly more lichen on than others. The environmental conditions for each don't appear to vary much, so I suspect this might have something to do with additional nutrients from bird droppings in some places.