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New Oak trees

Observed: 1st July 2012 By: kw6947
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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When looking for the larger trees I noticed there were a lot of younger oak trees growing in this area of the wood. It’s about 20metres by 20metres. I lost count at 25 trees. These pictures show 4 of them. From left to right their girths measured, at a height of 1.5metres, were A 740mm, B 1030mm, C 930mm and D 1080mm. Tree A has fire damage, bark missing and a lot of fungi on it and there is moss and some lichen on all of them. I find this interesting because if this is an old wood, judging by the coppiced hazel in the area, it shows that regeneration is happening with younger trees growing into the space, competing with the older trees. I guesstimate these oak trees are around 30 to 40 years old. The walking pole is 1.250metres high to give some idea of scale.

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