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Last night I had three, possibly four, species of moth in my bedroom. There were two small ones and two larger ones.

One thing I noticed about the larger ones is that when the first entered the window, they flew around really rapidly - at first in circles around the light, and then flew around quickly from a wall to a shelf and then to the desk. They stopped for brief moments, possibly less than a second before moving onto the next spot.

But after doing this for around 3-4 minutes, they eventually found a spot they seemed to like and then they settled down.

I found I could get really close to them, and then found I could even touch them and they did not move. Eventually I was able to encourage them to walk onto my finger, but they were so lethargic - why is this?

I noticed when they were on my finger that their wings seemed to pulse really quickly - they weren't flapping, but I could notice lots of rapid movement - was this them coming out of their lethargy?



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Moths and lights

Theories around moths and lights vary but I suspect if it was light they were finding somewhere to rest up for the 'day' and then relying on their patterns to stay hidden. Of course in an un-natural environment like a room they could well stand out.

The vibrating wings would be a preparation to fly, the wing muscles need to be warm enough so a lot of them need to do pre-flight preparations by vibrating the wings to get enough heat for flying.

David Howdon