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Unidentified Bee

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Small - length ~15mm. On Vibernum tinus

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Species with which Early Bumble Bee (Bombus (Pyrobombus) pratorum) interacts


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B. pratorum

Thanks for the id. Please can you tell me how you decided it is this species. In my book pratorum is depicted with a yellow abdominal stripe, which seems to be missing in this individual.


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yellow stripe

Yes, Bombus pratorum does usually have a yellow stripe on the abdomen, but as alcon_blue noted the amount of yellow can vary and the stripe is sometimes missing.

There's a good online bumblebee key produced by the Natural History Museum (and it allows for the yellow stripe being present or absent!):

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The abdominal stripe is

The abdominal stripe is almost or entirely missing from most workers of this species, and may be broken (but never in my experience missing) in queens.


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Thanks for the clarification

Somehow I managed to miss alcon_blue's note about the abdominal stripe. Apologies! Thanks for the helpful links.