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fledgeling identification help please

Basically this bird is very like a juvenile siskin - but it has a yellow/orange crest. It is much shyer and more nervous than the siskins - so I've not managed to get a photo. I know what a goldcrest looks like- it is not one of those. I was thinking maybe it is a young redpoll with a yellow variation sort of like albinism but yellow rather than white?



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Could be a Redpoll, and not

Could be a Redpoll, and not necessarily a young one. Some Redpolls do have yellow or orange on top of the head instead of the more typical red (even as adults).

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A closer look

Thanks Roy,I got a better look at it today, which has me even more confused.There is rich black between the top of the bill and the beginning of the orange crest stripe. It is not at all like the 'bloody fingerprint' mark that I see on the redpolls. The black doesn't go all around the bill, as it would in a goldfinches bandit mask either.Apart from that the colouring is just the same as all the baby siskins, I am completely stymied. Unfortunately my photographic skills are close to zero, and given how flighty ALL the birds are at the moment with frequent raptor attacks, I don't have a hope of getting a decent shot of it.


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